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Sesame Seed Lavosh Crackers Plain Lavosh Crackers

Sesame seed lavosh crackers by Finom are simple and plain lavosh crackers.  Finom manufactures crispy and crunchy lavosh crackers. Sesame seed lavosh crackers are unique and stylish plain cracker biscuits that will turn your meals into treats and make every moment memorable. Sesame seed lavosh crackers are perfect for cheese platters dips and snacking. You can take sesame seed lavosh crackers with fresh salad veggies or with Tahini equally as well.

Sesame seed lavosh crackers contain no sugar and other artificial preservatives. It contains no colors or sweeteners. Sesame seed lavosh crackers are perfect for any function and other types of snacking stylish functions.

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How Are Lavosh Crackers Made Up Of?

The wholesale Lavosh Crackers are great snack food for tea parties and corporate gatherings. Finom is a brand which deals in the manufacture, packaging and delivering of Lavosh Crackers in and around the regions of Australia. The two types of delicious Lavosh Crackers available with us are Black Sesame Seed with Pepper Lavosh crackers and Gourmet Lavosh Flatbread crackers.

Our products are made up of Lavash or Lavosh a mixture of flour, water, and salt. The dough is rolled out very thin hence the crackers are very slim and crispy which is perfect to be eaten as a snack along with tea. Some sprinkles of sesame seed and pepper are added as toppings to add a variety of taste but that does not make it spicy or hot.

Serve Lavosh crackers with dips or cheese.

Finom is a registered brand of Opera Foods a wholesale distributor of gourmet and gluten-free snacks to make your evenings memorable.

Lavosh Crackers Great for Snacking and Functions

Lavosh Crackers from Finom are crispy and mild tasting crackers which are made in Australia. These crackers are served in Functions and parties as starters and they are also easy to munch on snacks every time you feel hungry at home.
Our Lavosh Crackers are not only a great cracker for dips and cheeses, but a cracker which has become a part of most households in the suburbs of Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. Be it packing these lavosh crackers for school along with some dips of cheese or serving these at home during tea time, Lavosh crackers are the go-to snack every time you feel hungry.

Finom is a brand specialized in Gourmet Lavosh crackers. You can try out the Black Sesame with Pepper or Sesame Seed Lavosh Crackers. Visit our parent company Opera Foods to have a chance to also shop for other gluten-free and gourmet products and brands.

Sugar-Free and Healthy Lavosh Crackers.

A common question which arises in your mind when you think about Lavosh Cracker is “Are they Sugar Free”? Many recipes of unleavened flatbread lavosh crackers have been discovered by people all over the world. Finom a brand of Lavosh Crackers has come up with a unique recipe which stands out from the rest.

Our Crackers have no added sugar but have a delicious taste with will make you crave for it with some dips or cheese. We offer gourmet lavosh crackers which are long and slim; our slender profile makes us unique and different from the rest. They are packed in clear see-through packs for you to see and believe about our quality and quantity.

Finoms Lavosh crackers are distributed by Opera Foods a Sydney wholesale supplier. You can order small consumer-sized orders with direct delivery at your door step. Retailers can order in bulk to avail great discounts and offers.

Black Pepper Flatbread Lavosh Crackers for Cheese Platters

Finom brand Black Pepper Lavosh Crackers

Finom brand Black Pepper Lavosh Crackers

The Black Pepper flavoured Flatbread Lavosh cracker bread from Finom Tasty Treats is the perfect snack and party food.

It’s Low Sugar and light but it’s a great treat to eat with a cheese platter or your favourite dip. It’s also a great snack food on its own.

Buy Finom Lavosh flatbread crackers at discerning gourmet grocers or order online direct from the manufacturer.

Finom is a wholly owned subsidiary of Australian fine food manufacturer and wholesaler Opera Foods.

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Sesame Seed Lavosh Flatbread a treat to eat

Finom brand Lavosh flatbread crackers

When your thinking of a snack foodthat is  perfect for multiple occasions you might consider a tasty treat from Finom in a Seseme Seed flavoured Lavosh flatbread cracker.

Lavosh is an ancient way of making long life bread products with its origins in Armenia.

Finom’s Lavosh flatbread comes in two flavours, Seseme Seed and also Black Pepper. Both are great for serving with a cheese platter, or with dips or as a stand alone cracker.

Buy our Lavosh crackers direct from Australian fine food wholesalers Opera Foods.

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