Sesame Seed Lavosh Crackers Flatbread

Gourmet Lavosh Cracker Flatbread - Sesame Seed

Gourmet Lavosh Cracker Flatbread – Sesame Seed

This Sesame Seed Lavosh cracker flavor  is a great simple yet tasty treat that can get a bit more-ish. Use with dips or cheese or as a healthy snack with fresh salad veggies.

Make your next function stand out by serving something different in lavosh crackers.

Seseame Seed Lavosh Crackers

Our Lavosh cracker is a modern bakery version of the versatile ancient Armenian dried flat-bread known as Lavosh or Lavash. See our article with more information about Lavosh and its origins.

Our Lavosh crackers are supplied in a large 200g pack size. Twelve packs to a carton.
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