Gourmet Lavosh Yeast Free Flatbread a Great Cracker for Dip

Our gourmet Lavosh yeast-free flatbread crackers are crunchy plain crackers perfect for serving dips. Lavosh Crackers can be regarded as an ideal gift for the people who prefer great gourmet brands that are unique. Gourmet lavosh yeast-free flatbread is a product manufactured by Australia’s Finom brand.

Finom is a trading name of Australian food manufacturer and distributors Opera Foods Pty. Ltd. Lavosh cracker of Finom contains sesame seed flavor and it is perfect for snacking, partying as well as cheese and platters dip.

Lavosh crackers contain low calories; therefore, it helps to control the appetite of an individual. It is made up of oats or wheat flour; its a low sugar savory plain cracker that long and slender for dips.

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