Sesame Seed Lavosh Crackers Healthy and Sugar Free

Finom produces magnificent lavosh crackers. Sesame seed lavosh crackers are very much popular among our Biscuit Range as they taste crunchy and crispy. Sesame seed lavosh crackers are generally a stylish as well as a unique simple cracker biscuit.

Sesame seed lavosh crackers are ideal for cheese platters or dips like pumpkin dip, vegetable dips, particularly with olives and many others. Lavosh crackers can be eaten with fresh vegetable salads or people can have it as a snack. Sesame seed lavosh crackers contain no sugar or any kind of preservatives.

The ingredients for sesame seed lavosh crackers are flour, wheat, margarine, milk powder full cream, salt, poppy seeds and more. Sesame seed lavosh crackers are also great for contemporary functions and other social gatherings.

I nice plain crunchy cracker that lets you focus on the accompanying foods.

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