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Sesame Seed Lavosh Crackers for Pumpkin Dip and Cheese Platters

Lavosh Crackers

Finom produces delicious lavosh crackers namely black sesame seed with pepper and plain sesame seed lavosh crackers. Lavosh crackers are regarded as quite healthy as well as a crunchy snack as they contain no sugar. Lavosh crackers contain no sugar, no colours and other preservatives.

Sesame seed lavosh crackers are quite unique as well as stylish plain crackers. These crackers are ideal for pumpkin dip, vegetable dips such as olives and cheese platters dips. This lavosh cracker is widely used as an ideal snack food.

Our sesame seed lavosh crackers are perfect for any stylish functions, corporate gatherings and any kind of social gatherings. You can also give a presentation with slim line lavosh crackers by Finom brand.

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Finom Cracker Helps to Lose Weight

Finom cracker are considered as a nutritious as well as the best simple crunchy snack in Australia. Finom crackers are the products of an Australian brand with no added sugar. It is ideal for partying, gifting and it adds ecstasy for super setting.

Finom crackers can be available in many shops in Australia; moreover, Finom crackers are of varied including lavosh crackers flatbread, sesame seed as well as black sesame seed lavosh crackers with the flavor of pepper.

Finom lavosh crackers are considered as an ideal food for partying that can be eaten with cheese platters as well as dips. It can be eaten with blue vain cheese, hard cheeses as well as soft cream cheese. The health benefits of consuming Finom crackers include better weight control from a sugar free cracker biscuit.
Our Lavosh crackers are distributed in Australia by Parent co. Opera Foods. Overnight delivery to Sydney Melbourne and Brisbane.