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Sesame Seed Lavosh Crackers for Pumpkin Dip and Cheese Platters

Lavosh Crackers

Finom produces delicious lavosh crackers namely black sesame seed with pepper and plain sesame seed lavosh crackers. Lavosh crackers are regarded as quite healthy as well as a crunchy snack as they contain no sugar. Lavosh crackers contain no sugar, no colours and other preservatives.

Sesame seed lavosh crackers are quite unique as well as stylish plain crackers. These crackers are ideal for pumpkin dip, vegetable dips such as olives and cheese platters dips. This lavosh cracker is widely used as an ideal snack food.

Our sesame seed lavosh crackers are perfect for any stylish functions, corporate gatherings and any kind of social gatherings. You can also give a presentation with slim line lavosh crackers by Finom brand.

For more information visit our site. Buy sesame seed lavosh crackers now. Online discounts are available for bulk orders.

Sesame Seed Lavosh Crackers Healthy and Sugar Free

Finom produces magnificent lavosh crackers. Sesame seed lavosh crackers are very much popular among our Biscuit Range as they taste crunchy and crispy. Sesame seed lavosh crackers are generally a stylish as well as a unique simple cracker biscuit.

Sesame seed lavosh crackers are ideal for cheese platters or dips like pumpkin dip, vegetable dips, particularly with olives and many others. Lavosh crackers can be eaten with fresh vegetable salads or people can have it as a snack. Sesame seed lavosh crackers contain no sugar or any kind of preservatives.

The ingredients for sesame seed lavosh crackers are flour, wheat, margarine, milk powder full cream, salt, poppy seeds and more. Sesame seed lavosh crackers are also great for contemporary functions and other social gatherings.

I nice plain crunchy cracker that lets you focus on the accompanying foods.

Finom Lavosh are Low Sugar Crackers

Finom cracker is considered to be one of the growing snack foods in Australia. Basically, Finom is referred to as a registered trading brand of respective Opera foods Pty Ltd. It can be available in retail shops in Australia. Finom produces Lavosh crackers in different flavors including sesame seed and black pepper flavors. It is one of the tastiest as well as crunchy snackfoods in Australia.

Finom crackers are perfect for snacking as well as cheese platters and dips and finger food. These kinds of snack are crackers that are low in sugars and may help to control the mood of an individual at the same time. Most of the people prefer to have it in different kinds of functions in Australia. The popularity of Finom crackers is growing day by day. The healthy benefits of sugar free Finom lavosh crackers include increased energy, losing weight, reduction of acidity, decreased morning sickness, and low blood sugar.

Sugar-Free and Healthy Lavosh Crackers.

A common question which arises in your mind when you think about Lavosh Cracker is “Are they Sugar Free”? Many recipes of unleavened flatbread lavosh crackers have been discovered by people all over the world. Finom a brand of Lavosh Crackers has come up with a unique recipe which stands out from the rest.

Our Crackers have no added sugar but have a delicious taste with will make you crave for it with some dips or cheese. We offer gourmet lavosh crackers which are long and slim; our slender profile makes us unique and different from the rest. They are packed in clear see-through packs for you to see and believe about our quality and quantity.

Finoms Lavosh crackers are distributed by Opera Foods a Sydney wholesale supplier. You can order small consumer-sized orders with direct delivery at your door step. Retailers can order in bulk to avail great discounts and offers.

Black Sesame Seed with Pepper, a Gourmet Lavosh Cracker with a touch of Pepper

The Black Sesame Seed with Pepper is one of Finom’s yeast free Gourmet Lavosh Crackers. It is a unique and stylish plain cracker biscuit which is great finger food for party and functions.

The Black Sesame Lavosh Crackers are a flatbread style product which has no added sugar. It is a slight variation of flavor from our original Sesame seed cracker but it does not make the cracker very hot and spicy, its quite mild. It is a great snack food which can be eaten with dips of cheese. The Black Sesame Seed with Pepper 200gm is available in our online store great lavosh crackers and stand-alone snack equally enjoyed by people of all ages.

All products of Finom are made in Australia under HACCP ontrols. Buy Black Sesame Seed with Pepper, the best Gourmet Lavosh Cracker from our online store.

Gourmet Lavosh Crackers Ritchies IGA Liquor Store

Finom brand lavosh Crackers at Ritchies IGA New Lambton store

Lavosh Crackers by Finom now available at Ritchies IGA New Lambton

Ritchies IGA have re-opened their New Lambton NSW store last month  after a long closure for renovations.  This location historically was a a site for the old Newcastle Co-Op called “The Store” . It has been a Ritchies IGA supermarket for some years now. The refurbished store is nicely decorated with old historic Newcastle food business images that make it a pleasant destination.  The enlarged Supermarket is much larger and has a huge variety of food and grocery lines compared to most IGA stores. There is also a great fine wine and liquor store downstairs at the car park entrance. Next to the lift.

So if your picking up some wine , beer or spirits for a social event, you might want to duck in to their supermarket. Grab some Finom Lavosh Crackers and cheeses from the deli and cheese shop section. Finom Lavosh is perfect with a cheese platter and makes a posh presentation for your guests. Don’t forget some organic flavored Kombucha for fruity or alcoholic cocktails. Pep Tea’s Kombucha is sugar free and healthy. More importantly Pep Tea is another local brand from the Hunter, like Finom, that Ritchies like to support wherever they go.

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Midnight Snacks with Lavosh Crackers

Lavosh Flatbread crackers by Finom served with With Prunes

Here is one of my favorite late night snacks of lavosh crackers and prunes. Lavosh crackers are a yeast free flatbread style of long slender crackers. Quite posh really.
The crunchy subtle flavor of the lavosh crackers goes well with anything savory. But here is a nice way to eat them with something sweet. Prunes are another long life treat that you can have in your pantry.

Buy Finom lavosh crackers from our list of lavosh crackers stockists. Or ask your local gourmet grocery retailer to contact us to stock them.

Otherwise this is where to buy lavosh crackers online in our web store.

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Posh Lavosh Crackers at Ritchies IGA

Lavosh carackers

Lavosh crackers

Lavosh Crackers by Finom served with Blueberries & Dried Prunes

Now you can buy Finom brand Lavosh crackers at Ritchies IGA New Lambton.
Ritchies IGA re-opened their New Lambton NSW store this week after a long closure for renovations. The refurbished store is much larger and has a huge variety of food and grocery lines compared to most IGA stores.

Its really nice to see Ritchies IGA show a great deli counter and cheese shop. Finom Lavosh is perfect with a cheese platter and makes a posh presentation for your guests.

Shoppers will love their historic Newcastle foodie images that enhance the decor.
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Finom Lavosh Flatbread for Gourmet Gift baskets and Corporate Gifts

Finom Black Pepper lavosh for Gourmet Gifts

Finom Black Pepper lavosh for Gourmet Gifts

Flatbred crackers in a gourmet lavosh from Finom make a great addition to a party for dips and also for cheese or mixed platters.

Try our Finom brand Black Pepper Gourmet Lavosh flatbread for your  corporate gifts and gourmet baskets and as well as an office Christmas function or simple home party for easy finger food function.

Black Pepper flavour lavosh is not actually hot or spicey. It has just a touch of black pepper to add a tiny amount of taste. You will love this with your cheeses and its basically a plain cracker for your dips.

Finom Lavosh is idea for Cheese platters and dips and a interesting addition to a gourmet gift basket.  Buy Finom brand Lavosh online from our parent company online store of wholesaler Opera Foods.

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Finom Brand Lavosh an Ideal Party Food

Finom Flatbread Lavosh

Lavosh flatbread crackers are a perfect party food for your cheese platters and great for dips. Finom brand crackers have a slender elegant profile and  are subtle in flavour.

Finom brand Lavosh Flatbread Crackers should be served with any style of gourmet cheese platters, weather fruity or high in cheese variety. Lavosh are a dainty dry crispy cracker bread with a simple flavour to compliment any cheeses.

Lavosh can be served with  soft or hard cheeses and can also be fine with a blue vein.

Slender Finom Lavosh Crackers are great to  for dabbling in your dips where to don’t want a  spicy taste in your cracker or one that’s too salty additionally their long slim shape is nice for dips and keeping fingers out of the food.

Buy Finom Lavosh Flatbread Crackers from discerning gourmet grocers or order online direct from the manufacturer And wholesalers Opera Foods.

Finom is a wholly owned subsidiary of Opera Foods

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