Sesame Seed Lavosh Crackers – 200g by Finom


  • Sesame seed flavour is a simple plain perfect accompaniment
  • A unique & stylish plain cracker biscuit that sets your event apart.
  • Slender flatbread lavosh crackers perfect for Cheese Platters Dips & snacking
  • Don't waste a good topping on just any boring cracker
  • Double dippers can use the other end of these slender beauties


Finom brand yeast free Gourmet Lavosh Flatbread – Sesame Seed flavour

Great cracker style savory treats. Each with cheese or dips or as a zippy snack food

This tasty Sesame Seed Lavosh cracker flavour is a great, simple yet tasty, slender cracker that can get a bit more-ish.
Use with dips or cheese or as a healthy snack with fresh salad veggies.

No Added Sugar

Finom are wholesale lavosh cracker biscuit suppliers. Manufacturers of lavosh biscuits, (or Lavash),  for convenient stylish snack food and function catering.