A Perfect Gourmet Gift for People who Love Fine Gourmet Products.

Finom is a wholesale lavosh crackers biscuit supplier in Australia. Finom is a registered brand of Opera Foods which has been specially launched for the marketing of Gourmet Lavosh Crackers.  Opera Foods also  offers smoothie ingredients and superfood toppings for smoothie bowls and granola bowls.

There are two types of Lavosh Crackers Flatbread available in our  online store, The Sesame Seed Lavosh Crackers and The Black Sesame seed lavosh crackers with pepper. They can be given as the perfect gourmet gifts to people who are interested in fine Australian gourmet foods.

Consumers can buy 200gm packets of Lavosh Crackers while distributors and retailers can order it in bulk from our parent company, Opera Foods.

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