November, 2018

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Finom Lavosh Flatbread for Gourmet Gift baskets and Corporate Gifts

Finom Black Pepper lavosh for Gourmet Gifts

Finom Black Pepper lavosh for Gourmet Gifts

Flatbred crackers in a gourmet lavosh from Finom make a great addition to a party for dips and also for cheese or mixed platters.

Try our Finom brand Black Pepper Gourmet Lavosh flatbread for your  corporate gifts and gourmet baskets and as well as an office Christmas function or simple home party for easy finger food function.

Black Pepper flavour lavosh is not actually hot or spicey. It has just a touch of black pepper to add a tiny amount of taste. You will love this with your cheeses and its basically a plain cracker for your dips.

Finom Lavosh is idea for Cheese platters and dips and a interesting addition to a gourmet gift basket.  Buy Finom brand Lavosh online from our parent company online store of wholesaler Opera Foods.

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Finom Brand Lavosh an Ideal Party Food

Finom Flatbread Lavosh

Lavosh flatbread crackers are a perfect party food for your cheese platters and great for dips. Finom brand crackers have a slender elegant profile and  are subtle in flavour.

Finom brand Lavosh Flatbread Crackers should be served with any style of gourmet cheese platters, weather fruity or high in cheese variety. Lavosh are a dainty dry crispy cracker bread with a simple flavour to compliment any cheeses.

Lavosh can be served with  soft or hard cheeses and can also be fine with a blue vein.

Slender Finom Lavosh Crackers are great to  for dabbling in your dips where to don’t want a  spicy taste in your cracker or one that’s too salty additionally their long slim shape is nice for dips and keeping fingers out of the food.

Buy Finom Lavosh Flatbread Crackers from discerning gourmet grocers or order online direct from the manufacturer And wholesalers Opera Foods.

Finom is a wholly owned subsidiary of Opera Foods

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